Balance and Responsibility

Animal Welfare

Campicarn is governed by the balance and responsibility between suppliers, customers and consumers, achieved through solid and lasting relationships and the development of consumer-focused market concepts and products.

Our own livestock production or reference suppliers are in line with the growing consumer demand for animal welfare and the sustainability of animal production systems.


Trust in Business

Campicarn works with industrial processes optimized by cutting-edge technology, thorough operational controls and high hygiene standards. Attention to detail guarantees the safety of our products and the confidence of our customers.

Today, more than ever, it is important to create a relationship of trust with our customers and provide them with integrated solutions.

People, The Environment and Sustainability

Investing in market trend knowledge helps us meet customer needs and, thus, allows us to create opportunities for success.

Our business results from balancing many factors, and that is the real challenge: delivering healthy and safe food products while maintaining a balance between people, the environment and sustainability.

After all, we are many people united by one idea: “The Value of Meat”.