Technology and Innovation

Competitiveness and Excellence

Campicarn’s strategy focuses on quality, acquisition of cutting-edge technology and creativity to innovate processes and products.

We are at the forefront of the beef industry, ensuring our customers the highest standards in industrial processing, flexibility and efficiency, as a guarantee of productivity, competitiveness and excellence.

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500 Carcasses per Day

In addition to the fresh meat trade, carcasses, carried out in its Commercial Warehouse, CAMPICARN has cutting rooms with the capacity to bone and cut about 500 carcasses per day.

These operations are conducted according to different cutting specifications, as per customer needs and with strict control of process yields.

80 Trays per Minute

The meat cuts resulting from this process are marketed fresh, vacuum-packed or sent to the Centralized Meat Processing Unit, commonly known as “fine cutting”.

Throughout this process, the properly standardised parts are mechanically sliced, the meat is packed in a protective atmosphere and then labelled. In this unit, trays of fixed and variable weight with different formats and grammage are manufactured, with a production output of 80 trays per minute.


20 Tons per Day

Aware of the new trends in consumption and eating habits, CAMPICARN also develops practical and easy-to-make products, seeking to meet the needs of today’s families with little time for daily tasks and leisure.

At the Fresh and Deep-Frozen Meat Processing Unit, the production capacity is about 20 tons per day.

The Deep-Frozen product line is fully automated, with robots allowing for great production output. This line positions CAMPICARN as the technological leader of the sector.

Manufacturing processes are computer-controlled …

Manufacturing processes are computer-controlled: order management, production planning, manufacturing process control (QC/Quality Control and QA/Quality Assurance), stock control, shipping and logistics.